About Luxwood Global

About Luxwood Global

  • The Luxwood Panel System uses materials that are not harmful to those who live in our homes, work in our structures, build with our materials and most importantly does not harm the environment.
  • Our construction process doesn’t disturb the most fertile layer of the earth, the topsoil.  This is due to our innovative screw pile and base frame technology. We can leave landscaped areas undamaged and intact, therefore no soil erosion, run-off or harmful damage to the land.
  • All structures built with the Luxwood Panel System are free from harmful gases and chemicals. Our homes have a zero percentage of Formaldehyde due to no concrete being present in our building method.
  •  Our structures come with double glazed windows, which in turn, helps with the stability of thermal properties within your home. Therefore,  no air-conditioning or heating is needed.  This is especially helpful when trying to conserve resources.
  • The Luxwood Building System uses a state-of-the-art Calcium Silicate board called Polex Board.  This board is  a much better alternative to the normal gypsum board.
  • The Polex board gives off no Hydrogen Sulphate, so that sleepy 3 pm slump will be almost non-existent because we are not breathing in the Hydrogen Sulphate.

Our product properties


Fire Retardant

  • The flame retardant and smoke preventative additives effectively stop the wall from igniting.

Lower Cost

  • Wall construction reduces or even eliminates the need for steel structure.
  • Reduces the need for heavy lifting equipment for construction.
  • Wall panels can be installed faster, when compared to traditional building processes.
  • Wall construction is 70% – 80% quicker, results in saving of 80% in labour costs.

High Strength , Low weight

  • The 100mm wall panel (41kg/m2) as an example, has an entire wall body weight of less than y60kg/m2.
  • Each panel can withstand a 23KN per linear meter compressed load vertically.
  • The low weight offers a reduced risk in earthquake and hurricane zones. Fired hollow brick and concrete block construct wall (20mm) weight is 3-4 times the weight of a CPEP wall

Years Established

Completed Projects

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