As a multi-faceted system, Luxwood Panel Building System values its core members, ambassadors, facilitators, and every family that purchases a Luxwood home. As every Luxwood home needs specific components to make the system work, so does our company structure, where each component is crucial in our success. Our core members represent the foundation of the company bringing with them their knowledge and experience.

As we all know a foundation is nothing without its walls, our company is built with strong family values which adds strength and structure. The Luxwood Ambassadors and homeowners are the roof and the structure of our home. They represent the level of protection we need to deliver in order to keep the cold and rain at bay. Every Luxwood family members plays a vital role, in making our ‘houses’ homes. We are more than just four walls and a roof, we are family building a future filled with homes that instilling a sense of security, comfort and peacefulness that we believe every human being deserves.

The Luxwood Family

Core Members


Mark is the owner and creator of the whole operation. With over 20 years of experience, there is very little Mark cannot do.

General Manager

Annie is an enthusiastic, diligent woman who keeps our China factory together.

The Luxwood Family

Luxwood Stakeholders


Chong is currently sitting on the board of Trust Waikato and quite active in the local community. Chong is the main facilitator in New Zealand for Luxwood Homes.


Pieter is chairman of the Law Alliance NZ (LANZ), with member firms located throughout New Zealand providing specialist legal services in almost every aspect of the law.

The Luxwood Family

Luxwood Facilitators


Mokhele is a passionate, tireless perfectionist with a great eye for detail and is always ready for any task he may encounter.


Guy is a member of our Luxwood USA Advisory board, He holds many years of international experience in leading large organizations


Nicholas is our local engineer. He studied Civil Engineering and has a wide range of experience. We are Proud to say that he is a part of the Luxwood family.


Graeme is a certified APEC member. He is our global engineer and attained his Bachelor of Engineering at the NSW Institute of Technology.


John works with the Luxwood team in a sales capacity. He has a wealth of experience working with College Campuses, Hospitals and B&I.


Amy is an innovative, diligent and enthusiastic young lady who we are proud to say is one of our Architectural draughtsmen. She has attained years of invaluable experience in the area.


With an education in Computer Science, Business Administration and Project Management Paul’s entrepreneur vision founded Intelli Group, a diversified international business with Global partners.

We pride ourselves in producing quality products and services in a safe and compliant workspace.



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