Luxwood Building System

The Luxwood Building System has numerous health and environmental health benefits.

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Helical Screw Piles

Benefits of Using Luxwood Helical piles

  • Luxwood helical piles are generally much quicker and far more cost-effective than other deep foundation solutions.

  • Luxwood helical piles are much easier to install than a conventional foundation; an ideal solution in wetland areas.

  • Unlike most other foundation methods,  Luxwood helical piles can also be removed and recycled with very little effort.


Finding new ways to install and use Luxwood Helical Piles 

  • Homes: There are endless ways to use PHE Luxwood helical piles in almost any kind of anchoring structure, large or small. 

  • Fencing Posts: Even when fencing has to be set up in marshy or soft soils, the fence posts can be attached to the mounting brackets on PHE Luxwood helical piles secured deep into the ground.

  • Solar Farms: Helical piles are capable of withstanding tremendous stresses applied by tensile, compressive, and lateral forces. 

  • Playgrounds: The mounting bracket can connect to the installed piles before securing the recreational equipment.  

  • Party Tents:  Simply attach the tents to the semi-permanent PHE Luxwood helical piles. 

  • Boardwalks: The boardwalk structure itself can be safely installed well above the normal water line and can be attached with brackets to the piles.

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Our Certifications

Fire Resistance

Our fire resistance has been tested by various laboratories around the world.  Please contact us for the certificate applicable in your region.


Certification from Agrément allows us to build with The Luxwood Building System in South Africa. 


 CodeMark provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market through the issue of a certificate of conformity.

Luxwood Jeli Roofing

The JELI Roofing system is:

  • More stable under severe weather variations.

  • Excellent loading performance: Fibreglass in the middle will increase 30% tensile strength and support 20% longer purlin distance.

  • Excellent impact resistance: Impact resistance increase 50% . Widely used for snow and big wind areas.

  • Available for all profiles: Fibreglass technology can supply multiple profiles we have.

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M.A.W PHE Luxwood Building system Course

We truly believe that knowledge is power. That’s why we offer the course to empower others with a new skill and a desire to learn further.

What will I learn from this course?

The M.A.W PHE Luxwood Building System Course will provide you with the knowledge and practical experience on how to build our system .

When is this Course?

The course is currently three weeks long . (Three Saturdays). Custom courses can also be done for 10 participants in the week.

Where is this Course?

Our course is held in Cape Town, South Africa. We will be opening up courses in New Zealand and the USA shortly.

Who can participate in this Course?

Men or woman over the age of 18, no previous qualifications are needed.

What is the charge of this Course ?

Our course has a fee of R100 South African rand.

The Luxwood Digger

The Digger Machine is a wheel style mini skid loader designed for compact construction work.  It has a quick attachment mount plate which makes it easy for an operator to connect different attachments.  It is designed for operation in temperatures typically experienced in earth moving and construction work environments.

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