We are a company that believes passionately in the value of a home. We plan to cultivate, educate and empower communities through our building course.

Our fire-resistant Luxwood Panel Building System has many benefits, join us at the Cape Construction Expo and learn about this revolutionary system.

The Cape Construction Expo is an event dedicated to the building and construction industry of the Western Cape. 

The Cape Construction Expo presents product manufacturers and distributors this an opportunity to network with buyers from the sector.

Swift Construction

Due to the design of our components our system is easily assembled.

Fire retardant

The flame retardant and smoke preventative additives in the recipe can effectively stop the wall panel being ignited.

Great acoustic barrier

Due to the efficiency of our design the panel and polex board create a superior acoustic barrier. 

Great thermal barrier

Due to the design, our system comprising of the Panel and Polex board creates a great thermal barrier.

Earthquake and Hurricane tested

The weight offers a reduced risk in earthquake and hurricane zones.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Luxwood wall panels are made partly from recycled materials .

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