Building sustainably for over 20 years

Theodor Herzl School has three classrooms with each classroom having its own storeroom. The verandas are welcomed by students on rainy winter days or warm summer days. No air conditioning needed to be installed due to our fantastic thermal barrier. The school was constructed in just over Three months. The teachers and students were very happy with their new classrooms, the headmaster was pleased and proud of his new school building.

House size:

480 m2

 5166.68 ft2

Rooms :

3 classrooms and 3 storerooms 

Priced From:

ZA R2500.00 p/m2

AUD $252.79p/m2

NZD  $266.66p/m2

USD $175.54 per ft2

RMB ¥1208.21p/m2

  Please note this price excludes VAT. Prices are subject to change .Upgrades, site works, decking and transport costs are individually calculated per project.

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